You now have this long list of online courses covering various topics and, in some cases, a number of courses related to the same topic online. Learning requires more than a logical progression from basic knowledge to advanced knowledge. The order of subjects, your ability to learn and the time you have should all be taken into account when developing a program.

Order of subjects

Although you have identified two or three online courses on a particular subject, the order in which you study the selected online courses is also important. Following a website development course without knowing HTML will not be helpful. Taking a course on Quickbooks without basic accounting skills will not help you achieve your goals. The online courses you select must be followed so that the topics covered are also followed in a logical order.

Your ability to learn online

You must carefully consider the amount of learning that you can absorb at one time. It is also important to use the newly acquired knowledge practically. When developing your program, you must consider the number of courses you will be taking simultaneously and your ability to apply the knowledge you have learned. Too much knowledge without practical application or vice versa will not serve your ultimate purpose.


Time must be considered both in terms of your ability to learn and your schedule to reach your ultimate goal. You must be honest with yourself when you make this assessment. Will a few extra months really affect your ultimate goal? The few extra months you expect will probably increase the chances of your success.

The whole online learning process

If you have taken a logical approach to your online learning, you have selected an e-learning website, conducted an e-learning self-assessment, selected your courses, and developed a training program to follow. Although you have invested a little more time than just getting started, the extra time you spend will be more valuable than the effort. Good luck!

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