As students re-enter university systems, they will likely take courses online and on campus. In this survey, an online course is defined as a course in which more than 80% of the content is broadcast online, and there is usually no face-to-face meeting with the instructors. Online learning offers students a different set of challenges, but can be as effective as on-campus courses. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get the most out of your online classroom experience.

Read the syllabus

Online instructors offer detailed programs that should explain the course in detail. Make sure you read the program and send your instructor any questions you may have early in the class. Knowing what to expect for the semester will help you plan your workflow and provide you with a time management method.

Introduce yourself to your teacher

Teachers are overwhelmed by a multitude of names regarding online courses. Put a face on your name by sending your teacher a personalized greeting, by email or via the online course. Add a profile picture to your signature so that the teacher has a face behind the name. New online classrooms are turning to social media-style content systems, but as this transition occurs, you can be ahead of the game.

Use technology to your advantage

So much computer technology is at our disposal. Use this technology to your advantage by scheduling calendar tasks or events in your email or through an online workspace. If your university’s education management system has tools or improvements, take advantage of them. Due dates are important for online courses, and knowing when homework or assessments are due will help you prepare in advance. Often you will be able to finish the course work at your own pace. Book precise hours during work for specific classes, as if you were going to class on campus.

Appointment available

One of the challenges of e-learning is not to collaborate so much with other students. You can solve this problem by making yourself available to your peers. Post on discussion forums that you are willing to spend time online with other students or if you are available to answer your questions. If you are stuck in a lesson or assignment, these peers will return the favor and will be available to you. Give the example by being a leader and make an extra effort. This will not only help you make the most of your online courses, but will also make a difference if you are between two levels. Teachers will review this extra effort on your part and give you the highest score.

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